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Global sales and service operations of Infracont is done based on our local channel sales and service partners. Become a member of Infracont partner team and make money by selling and servicing our products. Grow your business by including our products into your product portfolio.


To be eligible, your organization must have at least 1 year's experience in sales and service of equipment for agriculture, or milling, or soybean processing, or animal feed processing, or bakery, or other relevant sector.


Qualifying partners must complete an application form and submit to Infracont. Infracont will review qualifying partner applications and approved partners will be notified for onboarding.

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Approved partners will be provided access to the Infracont Partner Portal where you can find partner information, technical and sales enablement resources. You will

  • Get access to marketing resources – brochures, pictures, promotion resources, etc.
  • Get access to sales resources – price lists, sales templates & tools, etc. 
  • Register your Leads & Opportunities - Submit, view and edit leads & opportunities, follow them up with and get support from Infracont sales personnel 
  • Get technical documents & support – Access service guides, technical documents, etc.
  • Register Help Tickets - Submit cases for support and track your own and your customers' cases and status
  • Manage marketing campaign budgets together with Infracont

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